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Creating Heaven on Earth

Sharing Tools to Heal your Life

Most of us are on an accelerated path and need high level tools to create balance and harmony and FUEL our visions. Working with me and my Spiritual Team can not only give you that boost but also provide much needed information.  More below.

Soul Mission

I have lived on soul purpose since my first soul exited and a walk-in came in. Everything changed and has continued to change since then. My life is Spirit guided and directed and my teams are high level galactics.

I started doing energy work in 2004 and have since expanded my knowledge and abilities to support star seeds in a very specific manner. I've been guided to up level star seeds in the following order (almost always for everyone and still allow room to customize the work).

Sequential Clearing and Healing

Every soul comes in with Master Programs in order to learn, grow and evolve. These need to be cleared from the Akashic Records so that the soul can actually live their purpose, guided by Spirit, unencumbered by unresolved energies from other lifetimes.

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a unique (off-planet) modaility that is very specific, powerful and efficient. This is a unique and thorough clearing of your Akash, in case you think you've already  had them cleared. Most likely not. Usually takes one hour.

Tachyon Energy Healing occurs in person and/or virtual.

Many people travel to Austin for their sessions as there a few Tachyon Centers in the world. We now offer virtual sessions and all that is required is a full body photo of you to be placed under the pyramid (during working hours).

Three 30 minute or two 45 minute sessions are required to "anchor" in these "god particles". We schedule these within a one month time period and you may book additional sessions as guided.

The Craniosacral Therapy that I do is Shamanic in origin. This means I look inside your energetic body for implants and other "instruments" of injury that may be stuck in you from other lifetimes and other dimensions. Programs and unresolved emotional energies may also be found, removed and balanced.This work occurs in person and/or virtual. Usually one hour. May be booked with Tachyon.

AKA Dua is Atlantean energy that was known as "the power. It consists of 3 celestial frequencies and 3 earthly frequencies. It was used by the Egyptian and Toltec cultures. It was then hidden for hundreds of thousands of years but was released in 2007 to assist with humanity's Ascension process. 

You will not find much online and I have the one book on it that is useless. Experience is the best teacher as it an Intelligence that becomes one with you.

Divinely Guided

Empowering Accelerated Growth

M. Levin - TX

"My life has been profoundly changed for the better. Her multiple powerful healing modalities have helped me release trauma, clear old patterns, and experience more ease and well-being in my body and soothe and strengthen my spirit. She is truly a gifted agent of transformation and healing. "
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