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My name is Saharah Elizbeth Grace LMT, CST, SRT

I am a Holistic Integrative Wellness Consultant offering  Innovative Leading Edge of Consciousness Life Balance Tools.

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I look forward to supporting your inner transformation!

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My Story

... a few tidbits ...

I have always known that I had gifts of healing and connection to my whole (spiritual) self. I rarely thought I was special, perhaps a little “weird” because I was deeply sensitive, intuitive and a little more creative and interested in all of life mysteries, too wise for my years. 


Although I was raised in a typical staunch dogmatic religion, it made absolutely no sense to me. I knew early on that I needed and wanted to be an active participant in my own spiritual life. Little did I know that my deep dive into the mysteries of the Universe would not only serve me, but it would inform my life in such a way so that I could assist others. The harrowing- not for everyone- personal work of inner transformation was and is totally worth it!


In order to be truly spiritual, I choose to be present to all of life, its ups and downs, heart-aches and joy, surprises, atrocities and traumas as well as its heart-stopping beauty and uplifting, inspiring moments.  I needed and gained access to all parts of life and to all parts of me through peeling off layer after layer of  light, shadow, mind, body, conditioning, beliefs, patterns, soul, spirit, lower, higher, hidden, multidimensional and on and on. And on.


Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) found me at a holistic and psychic fair in 2004 in Houston, TX. I was divinely guided and very intentional at that event and it paid off. 


SRT changed my life. I spent countless hours and thousands of dollars studying and learning, clearing my own programming and beliefs for twenty plus years now, not only with SRT but the many other modalities and trainings as well. SRT however, was the most profound. I was honored to study with many gifted SRT practitioners and teachers and even Robert E. Detzler, the founder of this work. He was a character! His work and soon that of my own, lifted layer upon layer off of me, lightening my load, guiding and gifting me, helping me to heal my soul, refine my own gifts, my character and inform my personal soul mission.


Consistent personal work combined with multiple SRT sessions can be life changing, in my opinion. I've heard this from many practitioners and SRT students. Perhaps you are really called to his work, as I was and you wish to take a class? I encourage you to follow what is calling you.


I believe we each can thrive but first we must realize the subconscious controls your life.  The subconscious can limit you due to programming, imprints, beliefs, perceptions and judgements OR it can free you. The choice is yours. SRT clears subconscious programming from this life and others.


There’s the long road or there’s a bit of a short cut. I believe SRT is a gift to humanity’s ascension process. It can lift you to the leading edge of consciousness and it's not for everyone. You have to be doing your own personal work. You have to be ready. I believe many of you are ready and that's why I'm here, to offer this empowering short cut- an elevator, of sorts as opposed to taking the stairs,. We have to do our part along the way, because we are, after all, here on this earth, as divine beings, boots to the ground. It’s no longer up to “them” as we've been led to believe (the higher powers, gods, etc) because ‘we” are “them”.


SRT can help you unravel layer upon layer to find and integrate your Divine Self. Part of my own programming is to lead you through this Ascension Journey, the one unique to you. Let's make a plan and get going!


Wishing you light beyond the light...  the luminous light on your journey. 



Purple Glow
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