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Energy Healing

Heal, Balance and Re-Vitalize your Spiritual & Energetic Body

Highly recommend SRT

"I have had two SRT sessions to relieve chronic uper back pain in two different areas I have been going to a chiropractor for years. Each session targeted a specific area and I found more physical pain relief in one session that years of chiropractic. Highly recommend SRT or general health and well being!" - JM

Starry Sky

Spiritual Response Therapy Clearings

Items listed in required order for complete clearing and healing. 

Please Book a Discovery Call if you have questions.

Elemental Activation

This is an Energy Transmission of Healing. You may also receive "Activations" of AKA Dua so that you may use it to heal yourself.  AKA Dua was used by the ancient cultures of Atlantis, Egypt and Toltec civilizations. It is capable of facilitating changes on all levels of your being and has been reported to alter consciousness in mediation and spiritual practices and the creative processes. If you are a practitioner of a healing modality or tradition, AKA Dua will enhance the level of your practice and take it to the next level. (Similar to a Reiki attunement)

Level 1 and Level 2

In Person and Virtual

Solar Eclipse


What's possible in your Deep Soul Healing Sessions ? 

After Healing Sessions l,ll, & lll, you  may book any amount of Time to "Clear and Heal with my Angelic and Pleiadian energies. 

Make a list to

*Increase Life Quality*

*Open Abundance*

*Reduce Anxiety*

*House Clearings*

*Clear Allergies & Phobias*

*Clear Your Business*

*Relational Themes*

*Release Chronic Pain*

*Enhance Spiritual Connection*

In Person and Virtual


Past Life Regression

Explore 1 - 3 other lifetimes and how they are affecting your life and situation now.


This is the Dolores Canon material- a guided meditation, quantum healing hypnosis technique, where you enter the Theta state to access your subconscious mind led by a trained facilitator (me). 

Can be combined with CST and SRT.

In person

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