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From my heart to yours

Hello Brave Friend,

Welcome to this free little resource page. I sincerely wish that you find something here to help you find a little peace and healing in this world.    This is my gift to you, no hidden agenda, no email sign ups, just a sincere wish to help you along your way.

 I have been  researching the mind-body connection and working on finding my own balance in the midst of all of my life changes. I’ve been exploring, researching, and trying out new ways  of clearing my mind and calming my body and nervous system also, as I grow , heal and change. My inspiration for sharing is my own experience and what has been most helpful for me. currently and in the past.   I’ve developed my own set of micro-practices and I invite you to do the same for what works for you.

I invite you to be open to try on some new things, only if it feels safe and right for you.  Ease into this and don’t take on too much. Slow steady, one step at a time. Healing is a journey and listening to our body and its pace is when true healing can begin.  If your desire is genuine, things will get better, I promise.

My deepest wish is that you find one practice, one product, and/or one little piece of inspiration that helps and inspires you along your way.

From my heart to yours~

All my love, Saharah


DISCLAIMER: These  suggestions are not meant to diagnosis, or treat any illness nor are they meant to replace medical care.  Please consult with your healthcare provider before starting any new program.




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