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Nourish & Balance

Earth Projection

Tachyon Energy

Experience your true state of bliss

Colorful Lights

Bio-photonic Therapy

Bathe in a resonant ambient atmosphere of  

Light and Color in combination with Tachyon.


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Tachyon and Light Therapy sessions are combined into one luxurious and relaxing experience. The Light therapy is Tesla frequency based and the Tachyons are considered zero point energy and sometimes called "god-particles".

What's possible in your Session?

1. Nourish & Re-energize your body's fluids and cells.

2. Strengthen and restore the nature balance of your body's energy field.

3. Stimulate bodily functions and immunity by facilitating oxygen delivery to your cells.

4. Reverse the aging process.

5. Improve your Mood and Quality of Life.

6. Increase Relaxation.

Through resonant frequency encoding, your body will be reminded of its original state and work towards creating a balance of energy within you. 

May require several session to produce desired results and states, especially during and after chronic conditions.

In-Person and Remote

Star Cluster

The Future of Energy Medicine is HERE

Claudia from Texas

After the session I had a meeting with another person and it was in 100% alignment with the things I have been manifesting - IT WAS WILD! I will definitely be signing up for more sessions. I feel better, have more energy and hope! Thank you!

Simon from England

I had a wonderful experience in the tachyon chamber and it really helped expedite the flow into a meditative state - it was both healing and inspiring. Thank you for being my guide and helping to create a loving space for the experience.

Lynn from Canada

The experience for me was a feeling of unique and indwelling peace that resonated during the session and after. that Saharah is exceptionally gifted and kind in her guidance and support. 

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