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Top Ten Reasons Why you're Attracting Negative Energies or Entities

Having challenges with negative energies and attracting entities can be influenced by various factors. It happens to many, especially during these unprecedented times. It is essential to address these issues to bring balance back into your life.

While clearing with SRT, Spiritual Response Therapy can clear many of these items, (#s 1-7 specifically), it is to your benefit that you take responsibility for the remaining.

  1. Soul Programs to pick them up (extra souls, discarnates, etc.)

  2. Unresolved energies from other lifetimes (Contracts, agreements, unresolved karma)

  3. Implants/Devices in house, car, personal devices, pets

  4. Parallel lives, openings or portals to other Universes in home, car, neighborhood, devices, your environment, other people and many other items

  5. Fragmenting your own Energy, focusing on others instead of yourself and/or trying to “save” other people (savior complex)

  6. Unresolved complex trauma -Extreme emotional reactions (feeling fatigue, drained, anxiety, depression, inner child self-fulfilling beliefs, physical, emotional, mental clutter, low self esteem)

  7. Personal Weak Boundaries (physical, emotional, mental and energetic)

  8. Your own projections and negative thought forms (beliefs, perceptions, judgments)

  9. Ego being right or need to win (blame others or caught in story)

  10. Eating low vibrational foods, alcohol, drugs and other addictions

To reduce negative energies, you can try practices such as meditation, energy cleansing rituals, spending time in nature, surrounding yourself with white light, positive and supportive people, and setting boundaries with those who drain your energy. It's also helpful to practice self-care, engage in activities that bring you joy, and focus on gratitude and positivity.

If you still feel like you are attracting negative entities, it may be beneficial to seek the assistance of a spiritual healer, energy worker, like myself, or a therapist who can help you understand and address the root causes of this attraction.

Subscribe to my you tube channel for sample clearings on Removing Negative Energies.

NOTE: These are only group samplers and you may receive relief from these pesky intrusions, however, it is highly recommended that you consult with a trusted energy healer like myself to identify and clear roots at a deep level specific to your soul. SRT is very specific and many find instant relief, and yet sometimes another layer comes up, and multiple sessions are needed-which is completely normal during these ascension times. We are peeling away densities layer by layer.

Remember that you have the power to shift your energy and create a more positive and harmonious environment for yourself.

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