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How to Open up to Abundance - Inspired Actions

Clearing your money blocks involves identifying and overcoming the subconscious programming, beliefs and attitudes that may be holding you back from money flowing.

We are working with energy and we know that ALIGNMENT is a major key factor on whether abundance flows into our lives or not. Watch the You Tube Sample Clearing that will help support your alignment. Remember, it's also up to you to participate as a co-creator of your abundance. I’ve found and cleared many blocks to self-worth and Spirit tells me our perceived value and self worth may significantly affect our ability to attract money- So work on that! You are worthy! 

At a physical 3D level, as co-creators in this time space reality, it's important to reflect on your relationship with money to identify negative beliefs and thoughts you may have inherited, or developed over time. These could include thoughts such as "money is the root of all evil" or "I don't deserve to be wealthy" or "rich people are greedy".

Once you've identified these beliefs, you can book a clearing session that will clear specific unresolved energies of harm involving money. As old souls, many of us have played all the roles of good guy and “bad” guy and it’s important to “clean up” those “bad” guys lives so that money can flow more freely into our current lives. 

Past lives such as: fraud, bankruptcy, theft, inheritance, cheating swindling, gambling and the like may come up for you (and/or your ancestral lineage)  in your focused clearing session. I recently found and cleared a life story for a client that was present at the Temple - when Jesus overthrew the tables of the money changers. Many other narratives may arise as well in these clearings.

Exploring your current mindset (beliefs) as well as your money habits and behaviors is a huge factor in learning how to clear your money blocks and get the money tap flowing.

Positive affirmations help support this process, but I’ve found that clearing the subconscious programming is paramount to making the way for abundance. 90% of our subconscious programming is from unresolved past life energies in the soul records and 10% are from this life-but it sure feels like 100%, doesn't it? That's because there's no space and time in Spirit but that's a topic for another day! 

Practices such as visualization, meditation, and journaling can help you shift your mindset towards abundance and prosperity. Abundance is everywhere! Start looking for it! 

Remember that healing your relationship with and clearing money blocks is a process that takes time and effort, but with persistence and self-awareness, you can create a healthier relationship with money and attract more financial abundance into your life.

INSPIRED ACTIONS - Pick one or 2 that resonate the most.

  1. Beliefs - What do you believe about money?

  2. Self Esteem: Reflect on all the good things about yourself - Why you deserve money

  3. Make a Wish List - Write them down and mark them off when you receive.

  4. Visualize your Money flowing in your mind’s eye - what does it feel like?

  5. Meditate, pray, ask for money miracles.

  6. Journal for 40 days - You’re given $1k on Day 1, $2k on Day 2, $3k, and increases incrementally each day. How do you spend it? You can continue past 40 Days as inspired.

  7. Create affirmations that you can resonate with after doing the above actions.

  8. Develop a gratitude practice that fits naturally in your life.

  9. What new habits and actions can you create around money?

  10. Look for abundance-It’s everywhere! 

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