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How many lives can a soul have?

According to Robert Detzler, Founder of Spiritual Response Therapy, a soul can incarnate 3666,666 times. Why that many? Because that's the maximum number a soul can exist in duality. Duality, as in up, down, good, "bad", all manners of "contrast"...

Each life is for Spirit to experience itself (without judgement-it's all programmed in ahead of time). Within each experience comes growth and learning. However, if a soul didn't quite "hit the mark" or learn its lesson, it leaves the life with unresolved energies.

Unresolved energies show up as emotional energy, what I call Karmic baggage. Energies like anger, betrayal, abandonment and other painful emotions leave a mark or "scarring". The soul also carries forward has things like imprints, contracts, vows, beliefs and agreements, but have no fear-SRT can clear those up!

SRT works in levels and layers, much like peeling an onion. We keep clearing and removing layer after layer until we reach our True Divine Essence, Source Consciousness.

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