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Night Skies

Welcome Home

Currently we are on an earth ship, remembering and recalibrating ourselves to our

Divine Star Origins. 

We know who we are at a deep level and yet we are still navigating our way out of our 3D programming, conditioning and beliefs.

We have sent out a beacon to find our star family and you have heard the call. 

After traversing the galaxy and other dimensions, realms and realities, we return to claim our true home. Welcome.


Are a special breed of humans

As a Pleiadean Star seed, I've retrieved all soul fragments and cleared my 3,666,666,666 incarnations to be able to offer a special (off-planet) blend of clearing. Here you will find only a taste of my suggested clearings.

Together we develop a personalized package to release any remaining densities and get you activated and cleared so that you can bring your own special blend of star-seeded gifts and talents tot he world. 

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Wild Flowers

Roots of AKA Dua

AKA Dua has its roots in Atlantis and was utilized by both Toltec and Egyptian cultures. My research shows me "Ka", in ancient Egyptian, refers to the principle of the soul of a human or a god and "Dua" is a prayer or invocation. Much of what I have read online tells me that the words AKA Dua mean “ unity uttermost shown”. My own intuition and experience has revealed greater levels of understanding of myself as a soul, mind, body and spirit.

According to the Toltec legend, the AKA Dua began one seventh of an Atlantean alchemical substance called Sro, of “the power”. The Sro was a substance intended to promote evolution, which was the Atlantean’s main focus. AKA Dua was deliberately hidden for a thousand years, until 2007 Koyote the Blind, a Toltec Nahual, released it to assist our alchemical transformation and ease planetary transition.  

AKA is capable of facilitating profound changes on levels of your being.

AKA Dua is only available to those with an open heart with the sincerest of intentions to be us used only for the good of all beings.

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